Data Management Conference – Latin America

The Latin America Data Management Conference (DMC-Latam) is the most comprehensive meeting on data management and data governance in Latin America. With the support of DAMA International, DAMA Brazil invites the best experts, researchers and professionals from Brazil and abroad every August, to present, in São Paulo city, their practices and discoveries in the area.


The curatorial work developed by DAMA Brazil guarantees the high quality and relevance of themes approached at DMC-Latam. Lectures and debates organized for the meetings focus not only on the newest technologies and their applications in any of the 23 countries where DAMA Chapters are installed, but also on domestic and Latin-American experiences.

Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBoK®) is written by more than 120 professionals from all over the world. The document aims at helping the organizations in the task of defining their data corporate strategies, and may be a reference to evaluate organizational maturity and data management efficiency.

DMBOK is the basis used by DAMA Brazil for choosing the themes and case studies presented in each edition of DMC-Latam. Subjects such as Data Quality Management, Data and Corporate Architectures, Data Development and Security, not to mention Database Operational Management, DW, BI, Master Data & References, Metadata, Documentation and Content are presented by outstanding experts and professionals, who face the challenge of managing data and information in their organizations.

Target Audience

Whoever thinks that Data Management and Governance is a subject of exclusive interest of TI directors and managers, or is restricted to data managers, data architects and system analysts is mistaken. Unfolded into information, data files are among the most important assets in every business model, in all market segments. That’s why the subject becomes relevant and impact decisions inside the most important organizations all over.

DAMA Brazil professionals are fully aware of these matters. Therefore, DMC-Latam is designed to update directors, managers and business executives, accountable for data and IT, into the best practices in strategic management of information and data governance, public and private organizations, in all market segments.


The DMC-Latam aims at supporting DAMA Brazil’s mission and goals, mainly those relates to training, educating and strengthening Data Stewards, in order to promote Data Management and Governance as key assets in Brazilian organizations.

Thus, besides lectures and cases presentations, the conference seeks to offer time and opportunity to create a networking, when experience and greetings will be exchanged between participants. Throughout the two-day event, six hours are set to personal contact; during coffee and lunch breaks in the hotel itself, the business lounge has the perfect environment for improving relationships and exchanging knowledge.

Trading Space

Since it was launched in 2013, the trading space, dedicated to information exchange and direct contact with sponsors and supporters of DMC-Latam, is a meeting point for lecturers, with huge success among exhibitors. It offers a unique opportunity to talk and get to know services, tools and products of partner companies.


Motirô Dama Brasil

The DMC-Latam is a partnership between DAMA Brazil, a non-profit organization and independent of suppliers, built by the association of technicians and professionals committed to the improvement of concepts and best practices for Data Management and Data Governance in Brazil and Latin America, and Motirô, office specialized in the development and management of education and innovation projects.